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Katappult Low-Code platform helps you to quickly create MVPs and secure the development of your web and mobile application

Developing an application is Expensive and Complex. Join businesses and startups who use Katappult to develop apps faster and cheaper.

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Prototypez Vos Apps Web et Mobiles en No Code

With Katappult, Zero code is needed for creation of web and mobiles application prototypes


Create a project

From your personal space, you can create as many projects as you want


Drag and drop components

From your personal space, you can create as many projects as you want


Project live preview

Live demo of the designed application. Katappult generates the source code, build, and deploy application in a private cloud.

And Then, Develop in Low Code

Katappult will allow developers to focus more on more complex and creative tasks, rather than spending a lot of time on repetitive tasks


Download full source code

The source code is open source and you can download it anytime from the platform.


Develop specific needs

You just have to customize the project


Project delivery

In any cloud of the region of your choice: AWS, GCP, IONOS cloud, OVH cloud

Reduce cost & improve time to market

Katappult minimize the amount of developers and manual coding required for each project

Katappult improves productivity by reducing the amount of repetitive work involved in application development. With Katappult, you can create applications in a fraction of the time it would take to develop the same application from scratch by several developers.



Katappult low-code platform

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Our future updates
and improvments

Katappult My Figma

Janvier 2023

This Figma plugin will allow users to export their design or prototype directly to a Katappult project. KatappultMyFigma plugin will generate ReactJS, JSF, Html and CSS source code

Katappult codespace

Octobre 2023

Code Space will allow you to modify the generated application source code 100% online, without installing technical stuffs.Modification includes: htmls, css, javacript and java source files. We will also enable ability to upload images and media files.

Generative and embedded I.A

Octobre 2023

A chat interface to help developers throughout the creation process. For example, providing sample code that developers can modify and adapt. I.A can also be embedded in the generated application.

No code platforms intégration

Octobre 2023

Integration with platforms like Airtable, Calendly, google sheets and more... Integration is key feature of Katappult, please feel free to contact us if you need integration with third party system.