Prototype in No Code

Zero code needed for creation for prototyping web and mobiles applications


Create a project

From your personal space, you can create as many projects as you want


Drag and drop components

From your personal space, you can create as many projects as you want


Project live preview

Live demo of the designed application. Katappult generates the source code, build, and deploy application in a private cloud.

And Then, Develop in Low Code

Katappult will allow developers to focus more on more complex and creative tasks, rather than spending a lot of time on repetitive tasks


Download full source code

The source code is open source and you can download it anytime from the platform.


Develop specific needs

You just have to customize the project


Project delivery

In any cloud of the region of your choice: AWS, GCP, IONOS cloud, OVH cloud

Your Apps Powered by most popular open source technologies

Katappult, as a no code & low-code platform integrates the most used open source technologies on the market. With Katappult, create an unlimited number of projects without having to integrate and maintain technological layers: Java, Spring, SpringBoot, Docker, Flutter, ReactNativ, Primefaces, ReactJS, PostgreSQL

Katappult low-code platform

Ce qu'ils pensent de la plateforme

Low-code platforms is a great and cheap way to quickly prototype applications in the target technology.This can help developers iterate on features faster and get user feedback faster. I tested Katappult andwe use it now to prototype and MVP!

Java lover and IT Responsable

Katappult low-code platform helps our company to innovate faster. Our developers can quickly create prototypes and proof-of-concept applicationsfor our business team, this quick process helps our company to test new ideas and improve processes.

Software developer

Katappult low-code platform is a great way to reduce human error in the development process.With less manual code, there are fewer chances of bugs and security issues.It was be especially useful for our critical or and sensitive applications development and deployment.

Développeur senior